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Czersk is one of the oldest medieval strongholds in Mazovia. It was built in the 11th century on a former Slavonic settlement. At the beginning of the 12th c. the Romanesque church of St. Peter was built.

In the 13th c. Czersk became the site of the Mazovian princes from the Piast dynasty. The time of  prince Konrad of Mazovia ruling was for Czersk the best period in its history. As a result of division of Mazowsze region after the Konrad?s death the Czersk principality was formed.



In the 14th c. Czersk became a city. Until now the medieval urban character of Czersk has been preserved.

At the end of the 14th c., on the location of the old stronghold Prince Janusz I the Older started to raise the gothic brick-built castle to protect his land against the Teutonic Order. It was completed in 1410.

Also at that time, because of political changes and due to the river relocation from near the castle further to the east, Prince Janusz moved to Warsaw and the castle lost its importance.

In 1526 Mazowsze was connected to the rest of the Kingdom of Poland as the property of Polish Kings. King Zygmunt I the Old handed the castle over to his wife Bona Sforza. She made the castle bigger.





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