30 October 2020

Website Castle of the Mazovian Princes in Czersk

We are proud to present our long-awaited website Castle of the Mazovian Princes in Czersk. We are very grateful for the all-important support given to us by the National Centre for Culture through its Culture Online programme. 

The fascinating history of the castle is intimately linked with the history of the whole region of Mazovia. The castle is built layer upon layer, early medieval stronghold, rule by the proud and ambitious Mazovian princes, economic development under Queen Bona in the Jagiellonian dynasty heydays, the devastating Swedish invasion and attempts to save the castle at the end of the First Republic, destruction of fortifications in Mazovia during Poland’s 123 years of foreign occupation, successive attempts to rise again – this is our heritage, which we are still creating together. Today's present will become tomorrow’s history ... 

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Platform design: Jacek Uryś, Michał Prokopiak
Instytut Projektów Specjalnych Sp. z o.o. handled the IT side.  

Michał Prokopiak / Crusader Films produced the films.

The historical texts were prepared by Małgorzata Korycińska, Halina Świrska was responsible for editing the texts and providing very knowledgeable support.

Professor Przemysław Urbańczyk acted as historical consultant.

The English version was prepared and adapted by David Stephenson.

This website will always be work in progress. We will develop its functionality, adding new historical threads and inviting partners to take part in this project, our passion. We hope you enjoy it.

Come and visit Czersk! Physically on Castle Hill and online.


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