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30 October 2020
We are proud to present our long-awaited website Castle of the Mazovian Princes in Czersk. We are very grateful for the all-important support given to us by the National Centre
29 October 2020
We have started conservation work on the curtain wall of the Castle of the Mazovian Princes in Czersk. The first phase, implemented in 2020, is financed by the Minister of

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Czersk – Walk in the Land of Princes

The fabulously wealthy Bona Sforza, Italian Renaissance Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania, lived in this glorious Apennine-style landscape. More remarkably, the son of the last Anglo-Saxon King of England was buried here, in his fortress. Magnus, son of King Harold (d. 1066).
Even more surprising, Czersk inspired the Shakespearian play The Winter’s Tale. The Bard told the chilling story of a child miraculously saved from murder at the hands of his allegedly cuckolded father. The real story of Henry, son of Prince Siemowit III, however, was more macabre. Father and son were indeed eventually reconciled … as Shakespeare recounted … but Henry was then poisoned by Anna, his newly-wedded Lithuanian wife!
Czersk, once the seat of the Princes of Mazovia, is now a charming village set high on a scarp with  sweeping views over the fields and orchards of the Vistula river valley. An area famous for its cider. The castle lies at its heart, offering a rich program of cultural events from concerts and craft fairs to archery and medieval jousting.
The medieval castle in Czersk, whose echoes you see today, was started by Prince Janusz the Elder in the late thirteen hundreds. The lofty towers that still dominate the area bear witness to the glories of this once independent principality, the crossroads of ancient trade routes.
Open to the public all year round, the castle is run by Góra Kalwaria Cultural Centre.

Be Charmed in Czersk!

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